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We are a team specialized in all KYC and Regulatory compliance matters. With us you will accelerate customer interaction, reduce risks and simplify your business processes.


KYC goal is to prevent fraud and to decline users that don’t fulfill certain standards of credibility.
Thorough KYC policies create a reputation as a secure and trustworthy Company.
Trust is likely the most valuable asset for any financial business today — at least KYC-approved data is extremely valuable.
Excellent quality KYC – is a grave argument in the defense line against crimes such as terrorist financing, drug trade and cyber financial crimes.


KYC Regulations are international anti money laundering regulations as well as to local standards in each country.
  • The most important are Anti Money Laundering Directives from the European Banking Authority.
  • Payment Service Directive 2 - regulatory directive of European Commission. General Data
  • Protection Regulation- regulation in EU law on data protection and privacy for all individual citizens of the European Union and the European Economic Area. 4th EU Directive that demands an increased transparency regarding beneficial ownership in business relations. 
  • In the US, it’s the Patriot Act of 2001 that was spread to Bank Secrecy Act.

Choice of services

Document verification
€ 0.50
Real-time document verification. We confirm document's originality and validity. We verify user's personal details, name, date of birth and nationality. Deep and comprehensive screening against sanctions and watch lists. Using in-house algorithms and databases we confirm that the client is not involved in politics or money laundering.
AML check
€ 0.50
According to the requirements of the Law on Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing Prevention, we check the origins of the fund, purpose of the transfer, and supporting documents. We adjust the check as per the client’s internal policy or regulatory requirements.
Face verification
€ 0.25
Identity verification via facial recognition. We confirm that client's selfie matches photo on its ID.
Address verification
€ 0.25
We validate residence using official document such as utility bill or bank statements, comparing one with the address provided by the client.
Video verification
€ 0.50
Identity verification via video call. During a call we confirm that it is client's will to pass the verification and that provided documents belongs to him.
Financial viability check
€ 0.25
Validation of documents issued by financial instituions or lawyer confirming client's trustworthiness.
Company check
€ 10.00
Corporate Documents review, check vs available companies registers, authorised person and UBO identity check, sanction list check.
Ongoing KYC monitoring
€ 25.00
We offer regular checks of the existing client's applicants against blacklists. When the new match appears compliance manager carries out an additional manual check on a particular applicant. Monitoring can be conducted on a daily, weekly, monthly, or quarterly basis. Price stated for the monthly monitoring.
Fixed monthly fee
€ 100.00
Fixed service fee in the amount of 100 euro per month. The service fee doesn’t depend on the amount and types of services provided and is paid on top of the verification price.
Setup fee: € 0.00
Monthly fee: € 100.00
Verification cost: € 0.00

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