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Effortless KYC compliance
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  • Quality😎

    Our in-house compliance system and expert legal professionals ensure exceptional outcomes.

  • Security👮

    We uphold the highest industry security standards, validated by ISO certification and routine security audits.

  • Velocity🚀

    Immediate document and selfie verification with the industry's best SLA for manual checks.

Government checks

Verify with just an ID or Personal number, or through a tap on a bank or government app. Already available in 5 countries, including the Brazil, Mexico, Kazakhstan with more coming soon.

Agile KYC Verification Services

Manage all your identity verification requirements effortlessly from one convenient dashboard. Whether it's verifying users, or businesses, our platform lets you handle it all while efficiently managing cases and preventing fraud.

  • Face Verification
  • Know your business
  • Sanctions screening
  • Identity verification

📋Streamlined KYC Checks

Our online platform helps with customer identity verification without the need for in-person visits. With real-time access and full automation, businesses can streamline processes and reduce risks while minimizing manual data handling. Affordable KYC checks utilize multiple global and local databases, significantly shortening the processing time to 20 sec. Any potential risk associated with a particular individual detection triggers prompt user notification, ensuring a proactive approach.

Compliance with KYC & AML regulations is crucial in reducing the company's risk exposure. This legal obligation serves as a shield for your business against potential fraud.

KYCAID solution stands out for speed and accuracy in the verification of an individual's identity, reliability and criminal history. Learn more about our services!

Elevate trust and security
with approved KYC provider

Discover peace of mind with your approved KYC provider. Our robust verification processes comply with industry standards and regulations, ensuring airtight security. Streamline onboarding and gain trust with our efficient, reliable, and seamless KYC solutions. Join the future of safe and credible customer interactions.


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How KYC check works

KYCAID helps businesses to meet compliance requirements such as KYC and AML, without the need for them to invest resources in developing their own KYC system or Data Storage infrastructure.

Through our precise policies, you can guarantee the privacy and security of your users' data while streamlining the sign-up process across all platforms.

Our mission is to boost businesses through seamless client identity verification and secured encrypted data storage, giving individuals better control over their personal data.

  • Step 1.

    The KYC process commences by gathering crucial customer information such as full name, DoB, address, and other relevant details

  • Step 2.

    After gathering the customer's information, the data is processed, and the customer's identity is thoroughly verified to ensure accuracy and legitimacy.

  • Step 3.

    After the initial check, continuous monitoring of document expiry and appearances in databases is crucial for compliance and detecting suspicious activities.

Simplified Integration of KYC Authentication API

KYCAID’s platform offers various methods in a single integration point. There are 3 integration ways: using pure API integration, Forms integration and Mobile SDK

2 "applicant_id": 'applicant_id',
3 "type": "PERSON",
4 "first_name": "John",
5 "middle_name": null,
6 "last_name": "Doe",
7 "dob": "1970-10-25",
8 "residence_country": "GB",
9 "gender": null,
10 "email": "[email protected]",
11 "phone": null,
12 "pep": null,
13 "profile_status": false,