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Ensure the security and compliance of your business by implementing KYCAID's advanced Payment Method Verification, safeguarding against potential losses due to identity fraud.

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Utter KYC Verification Flow

KYCAID Payment Verification Procedure

KYCAID provides a hassle-free way to verify payment methods, and keep financial operations legit and transparent through KYC verification.

  • 1 step

    Document Check

    Document verification is the first step in payment method verification, ensuring document authenticity and user identity for enhanced security and compliance.

    Document Verification
  • 2 step

    Secure Biometric Authentication with Liveness

    Passive and Active liveness detection methods protect against spoofing, ensuring only genuine users gain access through biometric authentication.

    Ownership Information
  • 3 step

    Bank Card Photo Submission

    The applicant submits a clear photo of the front side of his bank card. It's essential to ensure that the owner's name is visible on the card. If the name is not readily visible, don't worry – we've got you covered.

    Business Purpose and Activities
  • 4 step

    Credit Card Statement Submission

    In cases if there is no owner's name on the front side of the card, the user must upload a credit card statement. This statement should display the name and card number for verification purposes.

    Risk Assessment
  • 5 step

    Ensuring Precision

    Every verification involves a manual cross-check of the name provided with the document against the details provided during the process. This manual step adds an extra layer of security, ensuring the integrity of every verification. It takes up to 5 minutes, but rest assured, it's quick and of the highest quality.

    Risk Assessment

Utilize KYCAID to enhance the effectiveness of your Know Your Customer procedures and eradicate potential financial fraud with seamless precision.


  • What documents are used for KYCAID’s payment method verification?

    For KYCAID's payment method verification, we accept any officially issued identification documents such as ID cards, passports, driver's licenses, and permanent residence permits. Additionally, we may require bank card statements if the cardholder's name is not visible on the front side of the bank card.

  • Do I need to verify credit cards for all transactions?

    Credit card verification is crucial for ensuring secure transactions and mitigating the risk of fraud. While not all transactions may require verification, it's advisable to verify credit cards for high-value or suspicious transactions to safeguard against fraudulent activities and maintain trust with customers.

  • What advantages do payment fraud prevention solutions offer businesses?

    Payment fraud prevention solutions offer businesses numerous advantages, including:

    • Enhanced security: Protecting against unauthorized transactions and reducing the risk of financial losses due to fraud.

    • Improved customer trust: Demonstrating a commitment to security and safeguarding customer information fosters trust and loyalty.

    • Regulatory compliance: Meeting regulatory requirements for fraud prevention helps businesses avoid penalties and maintain compliance.

    • Cost savings: Preventing fraud minimizes financial losses associated with chargebacks, fines, and legal fees, leading to overall cost savings for businesses.

  • Can KYCAID's verification process be integrated into existing payment systems or platforms?

    Yes, KYCAID's verification process is designed to be easily integrated into existing payment systems or platforms. With flexible integration options such as API integration, and SDKs businesses can seamlessly incorporate KYCAID's verification services into their existing workflows and systems. This ensures a smooth and efficient verification process for both businesses and their customers, enhancing security and compliance measures.