Payment Method Verification via KYCAID

Is your KYC initiative efficient enough to prevent payment fraud in advance 100% of the time? KYCAID is a specialized compliance management platform that helps you achieve that and more through smart payment method verification. You can see through all payment transactions you receive, get in-depth information about the source of payment, and easily identify fraud beforehand all in one place. It’s time to Know Your Customer on the next level.
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Smart and Timely Fraud Prevention with KYCAID

KYCAID is your one-stop service for making sure bank cards and credentials your customers use for payments really belong to them while you are dealing with legit transactions. The platform offers features to identify malicious intent and prevent financial fraud at every stage of the payment process - from initial KYC verification stages to transaction request and completion.
On top of that, you can always take your KYC further by analyzing local and international financial compliance for the transparency and legitimacy of all operations. And all the processes are kept utterly accessible and simple.

KYCAID Payment Verification Procedure

KYCAID provides a hassle-free way to verify payment methods, trace funds, and keep financial operations legit and transparent through a bunch of simple processes.
Step 1

Confirming bank card legitimacy

The platform employs algorithms that identify even hard-to-detect graphic editor tricks and verify a bank card’s digital score by thoroughly analyzing its digital copy. This allows making sure whether the card is trustworthy at all in a few clicks.
Step 2

Aligning transactions

A bank card is aligned with a transaction made (or to be made) with its help with the help of a digital score analysis and sourcing of funds. This helps you make sure the payment is legit, and no workarounds are used in the process of the transaction.
Step 3

Confirming identity

Ensure that the transaction at hand is really being made by a person that claims to be making it through the biometric liveness check. It is a rapid identity confirmation procedure that aligns the biometric credentials with those specified by the payer at the KYC stage.
Step 4

Universal transaction verification

KYCAID can help you trace payments and verify transactions made via bank cards, e-wallets, and crypto wallets in one place. Basically, any digital payment can be analyzed and verified.
Step 5

Full-on funds tracing

Acquire all essential summaries and rundowns on your payments, like the exact date and time of the transaction, honest payment amount (without illegal chargebacks), and identity of the owner of payment credentials.
Use KYCAID to ultimately boost the efficiency of your Know Your Customer processes and eliminate potential financial fraud in a thorough, seamless way. Check out the platform right now to make your employees’, your customers’, and your own life easier while protecting assets with a proven method.
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