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KYCAID automatic age verification service currently supports over 9813 documents from 248 countries and territories. Keep your customers happy with simple and reliable age checks and your business compliant with regulations.
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KYCAID Age Verification Service

Today, more and more articles tell about cases of identity theft and fraud. In the modern world, this problem cannot be avoided. Unfortunately, all kinds of scams happen in all areas, especially on the Internet. Any request to transfer funds to receive winnings or any information should be alarming. Launching malicious programs for spying, stealing, downloading content — all this is mercilessly used by cybercriminals.

Because of this, for large corporations, medium-sized organizations, and small firms, the issue of protecting the privacy of customers, employees, and partners is always relevant. Age-restricted trafficking is not uncommon, so protecting young people, along with preserving adult products and services, becomes a top priority.

Age verification is a very popular service. This is a special security measure used to restrict access to digital content for people who have not yet reached a certain age.

Age-restricted trading includes well-known lotteries, alcoholic beverages, online games, tobacco, and social networks. They are not insured against risks associated with identity thefts and fraud. Therefore, the option through which you can verify one’s age is so important. The KYCAID company has a solution to this issue. It will help reduce the time usually spent learning complex requirements in different markets. This way you would spend precious hours investing in your business.

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How age verification process works online

Several methods are most commonly used for secured age verification. They include:

Step 1
Entering the date of birth in a special form is the easiest way but at the same time ineffective, because it is so easy to deceive the system by entering not the real date of birth but the one that will meet the specified criteria
Step 2
Credit card checks — a more complex age verification system as you need to check the user`s identity and force him to provide relevant information and ownership of the credit card
Step 3
Face recognition technology to automatically identify or verify a person using a photo, a video, or even live; neural networks can read and analyze unique facial features and then check them against the database

Thanks to the verification system, you can quickly check the age of a user from any market, thereby stimulating sales and expanding the customer base. The smart platform conducts an in-depth analytical search through reliable data sources and receives a highly effective result, including any personality inconsistencies.

Examples of using age verification technology

Companies in various industries use online age verification technology. After all, they understand the importance of providing services and goods targeted at a certain age group. Here are some examples of its use:

Gambling industry. Children are very curious about the world of forbidden products. Online verification is a reliable way to preserve the reputation and morale of your store.
Adult industry. Age verification will help to comply with the norms of laws and prevent children from using products that are not intended for them.
Online stores selling tobaccos and alcohol products. Children are very curious about the world of forbidden products. Online verification is a reliable way to preserve the reputation and morale of your store.

It’s also worth mentioning e-commerce platforms that must offer their products, and services, including subscriptions to adult content, dating apps, spirits and tobacco, to consumers of the right age.

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Reliable way to check age online

The question of how to verify age will no longer bother you because KYCAID is designed to solve this problem. Thanks to its reliable effective software, you will be able to not only find out, and make sure of the proper age of a customer but will also prevent frauds, protect against chargebacks, and monitor compliance with KYC and AML. You are offered the improved service with a ready-made interface, improved verification mechanisms, efficiency and accuracy of work.

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