AML & KYC Solutions for the Cannabis Business Industry

Unlock compliance confidence for the Cannabis business with KYCAID's AML and KYC Solutions! Stay ahead of regulatory requirements, mitigate risks, and ensure transparency with our tailored verification services.

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Compliance Solutions For Cannabis Merchants

  • Customer Onboarding

    Elevate your cannabis business with tailored compliance solutions, ensuring smooth and secure customer onboarding that builds trust and credibility.

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  • Supplier Verification

    Safeguard your supply chain integrity with robust supplier verification services, ensuring transparency and compliance in the cannabis industry while fostering strong business relationships.

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  • Building Trust and Reputation

    A strong AML/BSA and KYC program builds trust, opening doors to business opportunities and growth. Prioritizing regulations compliance also demonstrates a commitment to ethical business practices, enhancing reputation in the marketplace.

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Cannabis businesses benefit from KYC and AML/BSA services to prevent financial crimes, ensuring regulatory compliance. Studies report a 70% decrease in illicit activities with robust compliance measures.

Essential Components of KYC and AML Procedures

  • Age Verification

    Age Verification

    Strict age verification process for customers and employees to comply with regulatory requirements and maintain legal standards within the cannabis industry.

  • ID Document Check

    ID Document Check

    Comprehensive check of ID documents to guarantee the authenticity of customer and employee identification, thereby strengthening the security and legitimacy of business operations.

  • Biometrical Check

    Biometrical Check

    Advanced liveness detection technology offers a further level of identity and age verification through real-time facial recognition, enhancing security and regulatory compliance for cannabis businesses.

  • Know-Your-Business


    Rigorous due diligence to understand and verify the legitimacy of your business partners, ensuring compliance and preventing involvement in illegal activities within the cannabis industry.

  • Address Verification

    Address Verification

    Ensuring the customer's valid residential address matches their provided documents.

  • Payment Method Check

    Payment Method Check

    Verification of the bank card holder’s identity, adding an extra layer of security to financial transactions in compliance with AML regulations.

  • AML Screening and Monitoring

    AML Screening and Monitoring

    Swift screening paired with daily ongoing monitoring against sanction lists, PEP, and watchlists.

  • Automated Rules

    Automated Rules

    Easy setting of automated rules to prevent multi-accounting, usage of multiple people's documents for a single account, block retries, etc. ensuring the integrity of compliance measures.

  • Legal Consents

    Legal Consents

    Facilitation of the collection of legal consents from customers and employees to ensure adherence to all necessary legal requirements and obligations.

  • Record Keeping

    Record Keeping

    Provision of robust record-keeping solutions to maintain comprehensive and accurate records of all KYC and AML activities, aiding in staying organized and compliant with regulatory standards.

Experience the power of KYCAID's KYC and AML compliance solutions tailored for the cannabis industry. Try out our solutions now and discover how we can elevate your business's security and compliance standards.

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  • How much time does the identity verification take?

    The identity verification process takes approximately 20 seconds depending on the verification flow setting. Our AI-powered solutions ensure real-time online document checks, biometric verification, and global database screening, streamlining the customer experience and saving business time and money.

  • How does KYCAID ensure accurate age verification for cannabis-related operations?

    KYCAID ensures accurate age verification through advanced document and biometric verification methods, including facial liveness verification and video KYC. These robust authentication measures provide a reliable means to confirm the age of individuals, safeguarding compliance with age verification requirements.

  • Can KYC and AML solutions be customized to meet the unique needs of cannabis businesses?

    Yes, our KYC and AML solutions are designed to be fully customizable to meet the unique needs of cannabis businesses. Whether it's integrating specific identity verification methods, adapting to regulatory standards in different jurisdictions, or addressing industry-specific compliance requirements, our solutions can be tailored to ensure comprehensive and tailored compliance measures for cannabis businesses.

  • What are the key compliance requirements for cannabis businesses regarding KYC and AML?

    The key compliance requirements for cannabis businesses include conducting comprehensive KYC verification, AML screening against sanctions lists, addressing age verification for cannabis-related transactions, and verifying the authenticity of business entities and investors. These measures are crucial to ensure compliance with regulatory standards and prevent hefty fines for non-compliance within the cannabis industry.