Know-Your-Business Verification Solutions

Explore KYCAID's comprehensive KYB verification solutions. Elevate your business security with advanced technology, ensuring reliable and efficient identity verification for seamless operations and compliance.

KYB Verification Process

Level up your business security with our thorough KYB verification service! Ensure trust and credibility by effortlessly verifying the companies and identities of your business partners.

  • 1 step

    Company Information Verification

    Applicants furnish essential company details, including company name, business activity, country of registration, phone number, and email address.

    Document Verification
  • 2 step

    Documents Submission

    Depending on the country, documents are categorized into three groups—registration documents, authorized person's information, and UBO of the company.

    Ownership Information
  • 3 step

    Business Address Authentication

    Applicants provide the company's address and submit a document issued within the last 3 months as a proof.

    Business Purpose and Activities
  • 4 step

    Authorized Person's Verification

    The applicant submits an identification document of the authorized representative. We conduct a semi-automated check for document legitimacy, alongside database screening and company documents.

    Risk Assessment
  • 5 step

    UBO’s Verification

    The applicant submits the beneficial owner's identification document and indicates their share in the company. A semi-automated check is performed for document legitimacy, complemented by database screening and cross-matching with provided company documents.

    Risk Assessment

Know Your Business for Industries

  • KYB For Banks

    Enhance regulatory compliance and risk management within banking operations by implementing KYB verification. Utilize our solution to efficiently verify company information, ownership structures, and authorized personnel, ensuring secure and transparent client onboarding processes.

  • KYB For Insurance Companies

    Insurance KYB is vital for risk mitigation, regulatory compliance, and industry integrity. It requires understanding businesses seeking coverage, ongoing monitoring, and adapting to evolving risks and regulations.

  • KYB For Legal Sector

    Simplify client due diligence and regulatory compliance in the legal sector with KYB services. Verify company details, ownership structures, and authorized representatives effortlessly, ensuring adherence to industry regulations and ethical standards throughout client engagements.

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Streamlined Identity Solutions

Streamline your processes, enhance compliance, and access rapid verification solutions tailored to your business needs. Apply now for transformative KYB solutions through API integration.

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Enhanced KYB Verification & Compliance

Discover how our comprehensive verification processes can enhance compliance, reduce risks, and streamline operations for your business. Let us show you the power of seamless KYB integration.