OCR Screening Solutions from KYCAID

Power up your KYC compliance with KYCAID: the ultimate OCR screening solution for businesses. KYCAID specializes in developing high-quality OCR solutions for businesses with no equals in speed and accuracy. Get an efficient tool to enhance your Know Your Customer (KYC) processes through automated document scanning, data extraction, transformation, and verification!

How OCR works

  • 1 step

    Image preprocessing. Cleaning the image, removing noise, and adjusting contrast

  • 2 step

    Layout analysis & Character Segmentation. OCR algorithms find areas on the image filled with text

  • 3 step

    Recognition of individual characters. Comparison of segmented characters with a database of known symbols

  • 4 step

    Post-processing. Formatting, spell-checking, and contextual information correction to rectify any errors

  • 5 step

    Monitoring. Monitoring changes in customer data and marking any unusual activity.

Features and Capabilities

OCR system greatly enhances data verification from KYC forms, reducing sanction risks. It automatically checks ID documents, detects any alterations, and ensures image integrity with top-notch security and accuracy.

OCR Screening from KYCAID

KYCAID's OCR system enhances KYC form verification, reducing sanction risks by checking ID documents, detecting alterations, ensuring image integrity with top-tier security and accuracy.

Use cases

We offer a wide range of services, including global KYC solutions, intelligent document processing, AML verification, and more. Our main goal is to give businesses a simple and effective way to manage KYC processes.

Integrate OCR from KYCAID into your CRM

Streamline your CRM processes by seamlessly integrating KYCAID's OCR technology, guaranteeing quick and accurate data input at your fingertips.

2 "applicant_id": "{ "applicant_id" {",
3 "type": "PERSON",
4 "first_name": "John",
5 "middle_name": null,
6 "last_name": "Doe",
7 "dob": "1970-10-25",
8 "residence_country": "GB",
9 "gender": null,
10 "email": "[email protected]",
11 "phone": null,
12 "pep": null,
13 "profile_status": false,


  • How does OCR help verify documents?

    The process goes through the following stages:

    • It receives an uploaded document scan;
    • Extracts words and lines from the image;
    • Recognizes characters within words and lines;
    • Generates an electronic document and compares it with the data in the system.
  • What methods does the OCR system use?

    • Character classification based on visual patterns;
    • Machine learning: OCR software enhances accuracy through training on extensive datasets;
    • Neural networks: OCR systems analyze visual attributes of characters and make predictions based on identified patterns;
    • Natural language processing: Advanced OCR systems use natural language processing to understand context.
  • What advantages do KYCAID services offer?

    Our software solutions are developed with a full understanding of business goals and tasks in hand, guaranteeing:

    • Document processing is free from the risks of data leaks, fines, disqualifications, and legal liabilities within the security framework of IT infrastructure.
    • Reduction of workload on personnel through automation.
    • Deep understanding of reporting.
    • Enhancement of service quality through fast verification procedures.
    • Ability to automatically obtain consumer data with subsequent integration into corporate systems.
  • How accurate is the OCR technology?

    The accuracy of OCR technology can vary based on the quality of the document, clarity of text, and the OCR software being used. In modern OCR solutions, accuracy is continually improving, and they often support various fonts, languages, and writing styles. However, it's crucial to choose a reliable OCR solution that can handle diverse documents and provide accuracy even in challenging scenarios.