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In the era of globalization and advanced technology, virtual transactions are a common occurrence. These interactions occur in real-time and with minimum face-to-face contact. Therefore, online identity verification services are called to guard the security of the involved parties, meeting the magnificent demand. While customers seek easy and safe communication, the respective solutions should guarantee superb experience worldwide and non-compromised reliability. Consumer data protection is essential for trusted relationships and seamless transactions.
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Secure identity verification solution by KYCAID

selfies and identity documents instantly with KYCAID automated verification. The solution leverages AI algorithms to remove the risk of security breaches and financial crimes. If the system detects dubious quality, it will indicate the reasons for verification failure. Therefore, your operations will maintain security and compliance.
The Importance of KYC and AML in Fintech
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Who uses identity verification service?

What is identity verification? The process of identity verification essentially aims to confirm the user’s personality. Furthermore, an identity verification service is a respective procedure developed by a third party, which can be purchased for further implementation.
As a rule, the verifier relies on various data sources and is based on automated technologies.

Healthcare. The appropriate management and protection of patient healthcare records and prevention of medical insurance fraud are vital in the healthcare industry. While a medical professional must know a patient’s identity to have access to their information, this data needs to be secured from unauthorized entry.
Education. Distance learning requires a digital identity check to create a prompt and issue-free onboarding experience to accommodate students. An identity check is also necessary for online exams.
Tourism. Today, practically everybody is used to booking and embarking on their vacations without seeing a host face-to-face. Online identity check is an indispensable part of securing your trips.
Retail. The e-commerce sector is particularly enticing for online criminals. Therefore, retailers apply multiple methods to prevent identity thefts.
Gaming and entertainment. To comply with the gambling laws, operators must confirm the user’s age before granting them the right to participate in the game.
Features we offer

KYCAID is a platform providing quick business solutions. Intelligent data allows for eliminating fraud and maximizing the clarity and transparency of operations. KYCAID empowers you to:

Maintain customer compliance.
The modern technologies and an exhaustive check help detect and inform you of any doubtful funds remaining in your account.
Attract new customers...
...without any reputation problems. As a result of trustworthy partnerships, you will work legally, develop your business, and embrace new markets.
Verify identity comprehensively...
...with the KYCAID platform. You will obtain access to significant information about the company’s and clients’ activities. This data includes personal information and sources of funds.
Types of identity verification services
Identity checks online can occur in various forms to eradicate any kind of risks.
Face recognition
The system employs biometric algorithms and machine learning tools to scan faces, analyze data, and check ID photos automatically. The tool recognizes all kinds of fakes, such as spoofing, montage, and other deceptive manipulations.
Document verification
The system identifies documents by type and country and allows you to verify ID online instantly. It supports over 10,000 ID documents from more than 248 countries. The information extraction and technical checks take no more than a few seconds to reveal inconsistencies.
Address verification
Proof of address is an integral part of KYC and AML compliance procedures, as a user’s address is among the essential identity verification attributes.
Consent note verification
Thanks to this service, businesses can select a readymade document template or tailor a form as a consent note to verify customers’ consent.
2-factor authentication
2FA is utilized to add an extra layer of security to customer information. It works by requiring an additional login credential, apart from the username and password, to obtain account access. Mobile 2FA, in particular, is designed to expedite customer experience.
How to verify identity

Leverage the following functions of the KYCAID platform to verify identity:

Verification of the transactions’ legitimacy. Pass the identification procedure and check whether your partners really accumulate their funds legally. KYCAID verification services are convenient and swift.

Risk reduction. This procedure includes both KYC and AML and can be applied to any area of your business. KYCAID platform offers an individual approach, which allows addressing the issues that impede the efficiency and safety of your business.

One-step solution for corporate verification. Check the work of the company’s representatives you are going to partner with. The KYCAID platform offers a respective verifier intended to guarantee that the funds were obtained legally and that the organization did not participate in deceitful activities.

KYB compliance. We offer solutions to enable you seamlessly conduct compliance checks through Know Your Business. If the procedure is carried out regularly, it is a convincing way to remove any doubts about the legality and security of all transactions.

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