Identity Verification Solutions with KYCAID

Instantly verify identities with KYCAID's automated verification, leveraging the most advanced technology to eliminate security risks and financial crimes, ensuring operations maintain compliance.

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Know Your Client 360°

At KYCAID, we employ a holistic approach to KYC & AML compliance, meticulously addressing every aspect to eliminate any room for fraudulent activity. Elevate your business with enhanced security and trust.

  • Advanced Face Recognition and Liveness Check

    Advanced Face Recognition and Liveness Check

    Our system employs AI-powered algorithms and machine learning tools to scan faces, analyze data automatically, and verify biometric features, recognizing various types of fakes. Users undergo passive or active liveness checks to confirm their authenticity.

  • Document verification

    Document verification

    Our system quickly identifies documents by type and country, enabling instant online ID verification. Information extraction and technical checks take only seconds to uncover  inconsistencies, including ID, passport, Tax ID, Driver's License, and Permanent Residence Permits, etc.

  • Address Verification

    Address Verification

    Employ a service offering address validation with support for over 240 countries and territories and multilingual assistance. Proof of address is crucial for Compliance with KYC and AML procedures, as a user's address, stands as one of the essential attributes of identity verification.

  • Non-document Verification

    Non-document Verification

    Expedite the validation process of TIN through government DB, affirming their legitimacy and cross-referencing owner information within 10 seconds for enhanced efficiency and accuracy.

  • Phone number verification

    Phone number verification

    Integrate KYCAID's mobile number validation to streamline compliance and meet KYC standards, ensuring smooth customer onboarding.

  • Payment Method Check

    Payment Method Check

    Enhance security measures with card verification, preventing fraud and boosting conversions through swift credit/debit card authentication.

  • Video Verification Opportunities

    Video Verification Opportunities

    Set up custom questions for your customers to answer during a video verification, or utilize the agent-assisted video verification for accurate identity checks and regulatory compliance.

  • AML Screening

    AML Screening

    Conduct AML database screening of your customers, ensuring regulatory compliance and mitigating financial crimes.

  • Database Monitoring

    Database Monitoring

    Implement ongoing monitoring against global watchlists, PEPs, and sanctions liststo ensure compliance and fortify security measures.

Experience KYCAID's innovative solutions firsthand. Try our solution now to enhance identity verification, ensure business transparency, and prevent financial crimes, creating a secure and compliant business ecosystem.

Use Cases for Identity Verification

  • Healthcare

    Efficiently manage and protect patient healthcare records while preventing medical insurance fraud through secure identity verification.

  • Education

    Ensure a seamless onboarding experience for distance learning students and maintain exam integrity with digital identity verification.

  • Tourism

    Integrate KYC & AML services in tourism for security, compliance, and protection against financial crimes, benefiting businesses and travelers alike

  • E-commerce

    Safeguard against identity theft in the e-commerce sector with robust identity verification measures.

  • Gaming and Entertainment

    Comply with gambling laws by verifying users' ages before granting access to gaming platforms.

    Gaming and Entertainment
  • Fintech

    Safeguard financial transactions and prevent fraudulent activities through reliable identity verification solutions and AML/CFT compliance services.

  • Law Firms

    Prioritize KYC compliance to uphold legal integrity and ensure trustworthy client relationships.

    Law Firms
  • Real Estate

     Implement KYC procedures to mitigate risks and maintain transparency in real estate deals.

    Real Estate
  • Crypto

    Embrace KYC protocols to enhance security and build credibility in cryptocurrency operations.

  • Age-Restricted Industries

    Enforce KYC measures to verify age and uphold legal regulations in age-restricted industries.

    Age-Restricted Industries


  • Comprehensive Compliance Toolkit

    Providing a 360-degree compliance toolkit, KYCAID offers solutions for Know Your Client (KYC) requirements, fraud detection, and the automation of user verification processes.

  • Integrated KYC & AML Screening Software

    Employing a holistic approach, KYCAID ensures thorough KYC and Anti-Money Laundering (AML) screening, along with ongoing monitoring to ensure compliance with regulations governed by both domestic and international laws.

Flexible Integration

Effortlessly incorporate our Identity Verification Software to elevate the user experience for your  customers. Whether targeting mobile or web platforms, our complete SDK suite guarantees seamless integration, enhancing customer satisfaction.

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