About us

We verify bridges between companies and customers

It starts with why.

KYCAID is a complete technological and legal toolkit, built to manage all AML requirements. We help businesses of all sizes and industries from all around the world to stay compliant, reduce risks and simplify their business processes.

Since 2018, our team has been fulfilling the mission of combating fraud and money laundering by providing a range of identity verification and company verification services. Day and night our team is working on improving our product - all to ensure that our customers receive the best services on the market.

Our mission is to make onboarding and applicant verifications for our clients the safest and fastest process possible. KYCAID helps to fight fraud, accelerate customer interactions and onboard only credible users, comply with international and local regulations with the best proprietary solutions and qualified legal specialists.

Our feautures

  • document verification liveness check

    Flexibility forms

    KYCAID platform's dashboard allows you to customize the entire verification flow

  • account 1 account 2 account 3

    Multiple workspaces

    You have the option to utilize several workspaces within a single interface, offering both flexibility and security

  • expertise


    Leveraging cutting-edge technology and expert verification skills, we deliver premium services

Better than yesterday.

Market Adaptability.With technology constantly evolving, fraudsters are getting more creative, and regulatory rules are changing and becoming stricter. Our team always keeps abreast of the latest events and news, , constantly developing new solutions.

Strong support system. The support team works for you 24/7 in chats. We are used to resolving the issue quickly, in maximum of 15 minutes SLA, and efficiently because fast and high-quality verification creates a reputation not only for us but also for our clients.

Transparency. "What would we as customers want to know first about any company?" - we thought and opened the Pricing section, where each future client can clearly and understandably estimate the cost of our services for their specific case and what they will get. The prices are always up to date and are updated regularly. All information, documentation and more can be found in this section and in the footer of the site.

Let’s talk numbers

  • 20-sec

    average check speed

  • 100 +

    companies trust us

  • 248

    countries and territories covered

We are a young team that takes our work with a passion constantly working on broadening our product range and growing teams. Our special pride lies in our agile service with an average verification time of under 11 seconds. The company's main focus is on providering even faster identity verification service while establishing a complete digital user verification profile for our clients.

They talk about us

Meet our team

  • Chief Executive Officer

    Mykola Mashkovskyi


    Mykola Mashkovskyi

    Chief Executive

  • Chief Legal Officer

    Eugene Borysenko


    Eugene Borysenko

    Chief Legal

  • Chief Technology Officer

    Maksym Marushkevych


    Maksym Marushkevych

    Chief Technology

  • Head of Business Development

    Alexandra Pugach

    Head of BD

    Alexandra Pugach

    Head of Business

  • Chief Customer Officer

    Julia Luzhetska


    Julia Luzhetska

    Chief Customer

  • Business Development Expert

    Kate Kolesnyk


    Kate Kolesnyk

    Business Development

  • UX/UI Designer

    Olena Lototska

    UX/UI Designer

    Olena Lototska


  • Head of Comliance

    Viktoria Bilokonenko

    Head of Comliance

    Viktoria Bilokonenko

    Head of Comliance

  • Lead Quality Assurance

    Andrian Kryk

    Lead QA

    Andrian Kryk

    Lead Quality

  • Data Science Engineer

    Pavlo Golubchikov


    Pavlo Golubchikov

    Data Science

  • Compliance Team Lead

    Kate Pasko

    Compliance TL

    Kate Pasko

    Team Lead

  • Customer Success Manager

    Roman Perehontsev

    Customer SM

    Roman Perehontsev

    Customer Success