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Liveness check is an advanced identity verification technology that uses motion-detection, biometric faceprint add and face matching algorithms to confirm that a person is who they say there are.
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Features and principles of liveness check

Liveness check principle
Facial recognition technology is used in various areas of business. Face authentication is used when you need to remotely verify a person's identity, as well as:
safety of digital accounts;
for remote verification of clients;
to protect biometric systems from hacking;
for the safety of online transactions.
Such services work with sensitive data, they need an additional layer of protection, the so-called liveness recognition. Despite their sophistication, biometric identification systems are often subject to spoofing attacks, that is, fraudsters try to hack online accounts and get unauthorized access to the company's internal systems by deceiving the recognition system.
Liveness check done!
Anti-fraud mechanism
The anti-fraud mechanism for face recognition is called face anti-spoofing (FAS). During the check, the system determines whether it is interacting with a real person or a fraudster who uses a fake ID such as:
face photo;
realistic mask;
Today, there are a lot of different ways of detecting "liveliness". The most common form of identification asks a user to perform a series of head movements to prove their liveness. There are also more sophisticated methods, in particular 3D recognition and thermal imaging, which are impossible without special equipment, and they are not suitable for everyday commercial use.
Identity not confirmed

Why liveness check is important

Identity identification is an important security measure in the fight against frauds when opening new accounts, but it plays a significant role in the Know Your Customer (KYC) and the fight against money laundering (AML) strategies carried out by financial institutions that assess and control the risks of customers.

There are tons of different methods of verifying one’s identity online. One of them is liveness detection. This technology detects if a selfie is real and detects fake attacks, such as face masks and photos. This service is distributed and provided by Kycaid.

What is face recognition probe

There are 2 types of "liveliness" check during biometric face identification, passive and active. Most FAS technologies rely on passive monitoring through a program that tracks eyes, lips, eyebrows, and blinking movements. The user doesn’t need to do anything.

Alternatively, you can check one’s "liveliness" in an active mode. To confirm a person’s identity, they will need to show an identification document to the camera or perform a certain gesture, or a movement — smile, turn their head, position their face in the frame in a certain way. This method is also called "challenge-response".

The liveness probe is a well-known type of verification, along with infrared measurements (definition of contours, depth, analysis of skin texture and movement), which is used to detect counterfeits.


Liveness test solutions

Confirming the “realness” of a person is critical to the accuracy of the authentication, primarily when the remote access system operates without human control.
Its application options include:
Safety of digital accounts
Additional protection or replacement of passwords
Online banking and financial services
Customer security in the digital environment
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