Seamless AML & KYC Address Verification

KYCAID offers effortless KYC & AML proof of address check solutions. Streamline compliance, enhance security, and build trust with our advanced verification tools, ensuring regulatory adherence for your business.

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How does proof of address work?

  • 1 step

    Data Submission

    Users submit their address information through the KYCAID platform during the onboarding process, providing documents such as utility bills, bank statements, or government-issued IDs.

    Data Submission
  • 2 step

    Automatic Validation

    KYCAID employs advanced algorithms to automatically verify the submitted address details. The system cross-references the information against a comprehensive database, swiftly identifying any discrepancies.

    Automatic Validation
  • 3 step

    Manual Review (if necessary)

    In cases where automatic validation is inconclusive, KYCAID offers a manual review option. Human verification experts meticulously examine the submitted documents and address information to ensure accuracy.

    Manual Review
  • 4 step

    Comprehensive Reporting

    KYCAID provides comprehensive reports summarizing the address verification results, detailing whether the verification was automatic or manual. It helps businesses make informed decisions with KYC regulations.

    Comprehensive Reporting

Manual and automated
address verification checks

KYCAID employs automated address verification, leveraging advanced algorithms for swift, accurate results. For nuanced assessments, manual checks are available, involving expert human review. Supported documents include utility bills, bank statements, government-issued IDs, rental agreements, and official correspondence.

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Adhere to Compliance Standards
and Minimize Customer Drop-Off

Streamline the onboarding process with KYCAID, avoiding the need for customers to undergo lengthy KYC and Address Verification procedures. Verify any document seamlessly within the same identity verification flow, ensuring compliance through a user-friendly experience.

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Effortless Global Address Verification

Utilize KYCAID's robust address verification service with international lookup capabilities, ensuring accurate and efficient validation. Avoid the hassle of managing diverse international address formats, languages, character scripts, and country-specific standards.

  • 240 + International Address Formats

  • Multiple Language / Character Support

  • Auto and Manual Check Available

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Revolutionize your identity verification with KYCAID

Explore our tailored solutions, and effortless integration possibilities, and discover how we can optimize your identity verification workflows. Contact us to unlock a smarter way to verify identities.

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