Live Video KYC:
Redefining the Limits of Remote Verification

Verify customer identity through a video interview with a KYC agent, aligning with compliance policies in real time.

Real-Time ID Data Capture

  • Pre-screening Users
    1 step

    Pre-screening Users

    Users securely submit identification documents online. The system matches extracted data with various databases to ensure legitimacy.

  • Real-Time ID Data Capture
    2 step

    Real-Time ID Data Capture

    The user joins the live video call with a KYC expert who might ask various questions.

  • Cross Checks
    3 step

    Cross Checks

    Data undergoes facial matching and background checks by the agent, providing a complete understanding of customer identity.

  • Identity Confirmation
    4 step

    Identity Confirmation

    Post-video calls, customers promptly receive results and a detailed report, confirming identity for online service use.


  • Reliability🎥

    Reach customers via a secure video call for lasting relationships

  • Efficiency🌍

    Offer KYC flexibility for agents, serving customers from any location

  • Security👮

    Top-tier security, safeguarding sensitive data with advanced encryption and authentication protocols

  • Speed🚀

    Real-time verification within 5 minutes

Elevate fraud risk assessment with Video KYC, integrating advanced technology for secure verification. KYCAID aligns with your business goals for identity checks, ensuring global and local regulatory compliance.

Use Cases

Our encrypted data storage prioritizes compliance and safety, achieving the right balance between full compliance, swift registration, and fraud prevention.


  • What is a video identification with an agent?

    Video identification with an agent is a secure process where a live agent guides users through identity verification via a video call. During this session, users present their identity documents, answer verification questions, and perform necessary actions as directed by the agent to confirm their identity and ensure compliance with regulatory standards

  • Can video calling be used to verify the identity?

    A Liveness Check works by utilizing advanced biometric technology, often facial recognition software, to analyze various unique traits and movements of a person. The person is required to perform certain actions, and the system checks for natural, human responses. It's designed to spot and reject any non-live attempts to pass the verification, such as using photos or videos.

  • What are the most common requirements for Video KYC?

    Liveness Checks are crucial in identity verification as they add an extra layer of security, ensuring that the person undergoing the verification process is physically present and not using a false identity. They help prevent fraud and identity theft, making systems that require identity verification more secure and reliable.

  • Is a video interview with the KYC agent recorded? employs advanced liveness checks to enhance security and ensure the reliability of identity verification processes. These checks are designed to minimize the risk of being fooled by various fraudulent tactics. However, it's essential to stay informed about the latest advancements in biometric technology and security measures to continuously improve the effectiveness of liveness checks. is committed to staying at the forefront of these developments to provide robust and trustworthy identity verification solutions.