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Like many other industries, the healthcare sector is moving in the digital world, hence the growing need for patient identity verification. AI-enabled Know Your Patient solutions are conceived to raise the quality, efficiency, and safety of the patient service.
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What is KYP?

A significant reason why healthcare organizations seek security for their patient’s data is complying with regulatory requirements such as HIPAA and HITECH. However, merely adhering to legal standards is not enough to guarantee safety in the modern digital environment. Healthcare institutions are a viable target for cyber attacks since medical records hold tons of valuable, sensitive data. KYP – identity screening of patients – is called to secure online operations by providing online patient verification.

Many industries have already adopted digital identity checks. In healthcare, KYP solutions enhance patient service efficiency by protecting all kinds of medical information, including prescriptions and test results. Thanks to the advanced methods of patient identity confirmation, only the actual user can access their private data.

What is KYP?

What exactly does KYP do?

Checks patient identity for HIPAA
Numerous legal standards in the healthcare industry are designed to ensure the effective creation and handling of electronic records.
Reduces mistakes in medical information
Due to legal regulations, the imprecise information put on a medical record is exceptionally hard to change. Therefore, such mistakes can pose critical problems to patients and hospitals.
Counters the theft of medical identity
Unfortunately, medical breaches take place, affecting millions of healthcare records per year in the US only since they contain information that can be used to obtain medical services.
Enhances patient identification
The digital use cases of healthcare services grow exponentially. Online identity check procedures raise the patient experience and prevent fraudulent use.

How does KYP work?

  • ID verification. The user presents an identity document with a photo to the camera of their device. The AI-enabled system verifies ID and face by comparing the data from the identity document with the user's information at the registration time. The system also verifies if the document meets the ID requirements to make sure it is not forged.
  • Biometric identification. The online screening solution conducts liveness detection to ensure that there is a true person behind the screen.
  • Age verification. The system verifies the date of birth.
  • Results. Ultimately, the user can see the results, which are also updated in back-office records.
What is KYP?
KYP Use Cases
Medical identity theft
Medical identity theft

This kind of fraud occurs when someone uses a patient’s personal data, such as name or health insurance account number, to consult a doctor, buy medical devices, get prescription drugs, or obtain other kinds of medical care. What’s more, such theft can have devastating consequences on the patient’s medical history. Thus, the thief’s data can mix with the patient’s records and affect the patient’s health insurance, medical care, and overall credit.

An adequate patient verification procedure can prevent these kinds of losses and save the efforts of both patients and caregivers.

Age verification for handling prescribed substances
Age verification for handling prescribed substances

Prescription drug dispensation is subject to strict control. Thus, the General Pharmaceutical Council dictates pharmacies check the age of buyers before giving them the prescribed medicines. The regulations include both parties: states require pharmacists to request ID before dispensing a substance and require patients to demonstrate their identity documents before getting their prescriptions.

These measures are taken for a reason since if minors use the prescription of older ones, it may lead to health damage, drug addiction, and even death.

The advent of non-traditional stakeholders
The advent of non-traditional stakeholders

Digital solutions are penetrating the medical industry at an astonishing pace. As new technologies emerge, patients get more and more opportunities to use medical services without leaving their homes. For instance, telemedicine is becoming widespread, enabling clients to connect with their doctors through healthcare apps.

Like any new technology is accompanied by its dark side, the advanced opportunities for getting medical help go together with the advanced options for data breaches. KYP screening is a clever solution that helps secure the interactions between doctors and patients. The tool checks patient identity and ensures that patients do not imitate symptoms to get prescriptions for certain kinds of drugs.

Verify patient for HIPAA
Verify patient for HIPAA

HIPAA requires institutions to take precautions before releasing protected data concerning health. Medical organizations must fulfill identity verification before authorizing access to such information. If the person’s identity is under doubt, the institution is empowered to perform the other verification procedures; however, they should not become a barrier to access.

KYP solutions are developed to help medical entities ensure correspondence to HIPAA without any issues.


KYCAID delivers transcendent patient verification tools to aid healthcare institutions in enhancing customer interaction, eliminating risks, and facilitating operations.

Our successful experience in more than 248 countries proves our expertise and efficiency.

Which benefits will you get from our cooperation?
We have created proprietary compliance systems that address all the needs of medical entities.
We guarantee that our solutions correspond to stringent regulations and industry security requirements.
The checking procedures are designed to work instantly and conveniently.
Our KYP solutions guarantee:

The online verification process becomes easy and secure with our help. Healthcare companies can enjoy all the benefits of advanced technologies without exposing their data to fraud.

Unrivaled degree of data protection.
Several security levels restrict access to patient personal information.
Keeping data thieves away.
Hackers will be unable to pass the authentication to reach patients’ medical records.
Driving user satisfaction.
Instant access to healthcare records, and convenient patient-doctor communication elevate the customer experience.
Protect Your Patient Data and Enhance Operations with KYCAID Technologies!
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