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Verify identity documents efficiently in seconds with Kycaid automated verification. Using AI algorithms, the system recognizes, and validates all possible fields and checksums, compares data from MRZ code versus data from the visual part of the document. In case of detection of forged documents or documents of dubious quality, the system will provide you with a detailed report indicating the reason for verification failure. Thus, you can protect yourself from the risks of working with scammers or criminals and stay compliant and secure.
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ID Verification Check by KYCAID

In its essence, identity verification is the process of confirming the user’s personality when this user opens a bank account, applies for a loan, or conducts other financial procedures. On the one hand, identity verification is a crucial security measure in countering new account fraud. The process also plays a vital role in Know Your Customer (KYC) and anti-money laundering efforts that financial institutions take to assess consumer risks.

We deliver exhaustive ID verification services aimed to check whether the document is legitimate and corresponds to the national standard of the country; we check the document’s authenticity by verifying the metadata and whether it has been modified. When the document’s legitimacy is questioned, we use Error Level Analysis. We extract all the information including name, date of birth, document number, expiration, and other data, which is set up in the dashboard by the customers themselves during field validation.

Why choose KYCAID?

KYC compliance is primarily intended to counter fraud, guarantee compliance with international regulations, and onboard trustworthy users. KYC procedures are often mandatory, and through these policies, companies create a reputation of a secure and dependable partners. KYCAID provides qualified ID verification services to help companies enhance customer interaction, minimize risks, and facilitate business processes.

Our numbers speak for themselves: we cover more than 248 countries and verify more than 10,000 kinds of documents.

Quality. We are proud to offer a proprietary compliance system and legal professionals that will help you achieve superior results.
Security. We guarantee strict compliance with the highest industry security demands confirmed by ISO certificates and security audits.
Speed. We provide immediate documents and selfie verification and the highest SLA for manual checks.

Which documents do we check?

Whatever kind of document you may need to verify, we might be able to process it. The list of document types that we check includes but is not limited to the following:
  • Passport
  • ID Card
  • Driver’s License
  • Residence Permit
  • Pro ID Card
  • Health ID Card
  • Voter Card
  • Army/Military ID Card
We check such basic parameters as name, nationality, and date of birth. Our face identification service allows confirming that the person on the photo or video and the one appearing on the documents is the same. We also practice video confirmation that is conducted through a call. During this call, we use our algorithm to check and confirm that it is the person who provides the documents, and not someone else.

What is the process of ID verification?

Online checks are quick, efficient, and secure. Below we outline the major components of the verification process that maximize its reliability.
How to verify the identity?
The procedure can be performed with a number of methods.
To do list
  • ID document verificationDone
  • Biometric VerificationChecking
  • Liveness DetectionChecking
  • Knowledge-based authenticationChecking
  • One-time Passcode VerificationChecking
  • Trusted Identity NetworkChecking
  • Database methodsChecking
How to verify the identity?
The procedure can be performed with a number of methods.
  • ID Document verification. Checks whether the provided ID is legitimate.
  • Biometric verification. By using selfies, identifies whether the person presenting the ID coincides with the portrait on the ID.
  • Liveness detection. Determines the authenticity of a selfie is genuine by detecting fraud including face masks.
  • Knowledge-based authentication. Determines the authenticity of a selfie is genuine by detecting fraud including face masks.
  • One-time passcode verification. Generates and sends a passcode through SMS or email to the applicant to continue the verification process.
  • Trusted Identity Network. Utilizes the applicant’s credentials with another provider.
  • Database methods. These techniques employ data from social media, databases, and other sources to check the information provided by the applicant.

How we verify the identity

How to verify the identity?

Our online verification process is easy and joyful. As a rule, it includes a photo or liveness check. The latter option is considered more reliable since it allows examining whether there is a real person behind the screen and not a substituted picture. For this purpose, you may be asked to turn your head in different directions or tilt it to the side.

The algorithm works the following way. When you wish to create and account or enter an organization's website or use a mobile application, you are typically asked to perform several actions:

  1. Grant access to your camera and microphone;
  2. Show your documents from both sides (make sure they are in good condition);
  3. Smile at the camera, tilt or turn your head, and do other things to confirm that you are a real person.

What are the upsides of the online check?

With the online services, the verification process turns into a breeze, as it takes several minutes and does not require a user to attend a bank or another institution physically. Which other advantages does online verification bring?
High protection of information.
The availability of several security levels guards access to your personal data.
Keeping off scammers.
They will be unable to get all the materials to reach your account.
Raising customer satisfaction.
Prompt services and the absence of lines improve customer experience.
Therefore, modern technologies aid in making the online check secure, cost-efficient, and customer-friendly.
Let KYCAID Help You Protect Your Business and Your Clients!
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