Age Verification Solution
for Adult-Oriented

Secure adult-only content with KYCAID's advanced age verification solutions. Our robust technology ensures accurate age authentication, enabling seamless access while complying with regulatory standards. Redefine privacy and security with KYCAID.

Key Features

Person data

How KYCAID helps
with adult industry age verification

  • Swift 5 sec document verification
  • Liveness selfies checks, correlating the age and person’s authenticity
  • Customizable flow: from automatic rules to verification forms branding
  • Advanced, data-driven approach to age verification
  • Automatic minors restrictions

In case our specialists doubt the legitimacy of documents, additional checks are carried out. Data from documents in various registers is extracted and compared with the documents provided by clients.

In terms of KYCAID procedures, we involve reliable partners who comply with international norms. This is also great for the company's reputation in terms of security of cooperation.

Adults Identity Verification Solutions

Explore how KYCAID's identity verification and age verification solutions assist businesses in safeguarding minors within the digital realm.

The One Holistic Solution for Intelligent Adult-Only Authentication. Prevent fraud, ensure age laws compliance, and facilitate smooth customer onboarding – All-in-One with KYCAID Platform. Global coverage across 248 countries and 10,000+ documents.

Importance of age verification for adults-only industries

The age verification procedure is extremely important to tackle cases where users knowingly enter incorrect data about their age and/or try to make payments. With the right tool in hand, adult websites get to block such attempts and avoid legal violations.


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