Why is it important to conduct verification?

Adult websites make up a separate category of age-restricted resources that require special attention to user access and, specifically, the age verification process. International and local legislation across countries and governments have to constantly issue new regulations due to common cases of underaged users getting access to NSFW content, making forbidden payments, and spawning other issues of that sort. And this tendency touches websites across a number of industries and niches.
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Importance of verification for different industries

Special legislations targeting porn age verification had to be issued by the governments of the UK and France over the last few years. Authorities are looking for more efficient ways to regulate the way various types of adult-only content are delivered online, which is the most accessible source of any content today.

The age verification procedure is extremely important to tackle cases where users knowingly enter incorrect data about their age and/or try to make payments. With the right tool in hand, adult websites get to timely block such attempts and avoid legal violations.

The Importance of KYC and AML in Fintech
Why pay attention to us?

With the help of our company, clients comply with all international standards of security and minimize their chances of getting on the list of companies that are involved in money laundering or pandering to fraudsters. With KYCAID, you ultimately get:

  • ability to verify the identity of users;
  • verification of documents' legitimacy;
  • examination of documentation for compliance with national standards;
  • assurance that the documents provided are genuine;
  • smart, data-driven approach to age verification.

In case our specialists doubt the legitimacy of documents, additional checks are carried out. Data from documents in various registers is extracted and compared with the documents provided by clients.

In terms of KYCAID procedures, we involve reliable partners who comply with international norms. This is also great for the company's reputation in terms of security of cooperation.

KYCAID will do everything to help our customers improve their interaction with users, minimize risks and simplify business processes. Today, we cooperate with companies across 248 countries and can check more than 10 thousand documents. We do our job:

How are the documents checked?

Online verification ID is the first step where name, nationality, and date of birth are checked. This service helps to identify a person by photo or video and compare them to the photos in the documents.

Our company also provides video verification by phone. A special algorithm is used to verify the information. Based on the results, we can see who is communicating with us, a fraudster or a trustworthy client.

Identity verification
There are several ways to complete the verification process, some of which may or may not require the first level of verification - an ID that can be either uploaded to the website or taken a photo of. Other verification options include:
Biometric verification.
In this case, users take selfies and there is a comparison of the photo and portrait on the documents;
Vigil Search.
Determining the authenticity of selfies by removing any masks and filters from them;
Informational authentication with questions to verify identity;
One-time verification
by access code.
In this case, an access code is generated for verification. It comes by SMS or e-mail;
Network usage.
In this case, client information is used through other providers;
Through a database.
This method helps to analyze the social networks and databases whose information is provided by the applicant.
Online identity verification

This method is simple and enjoyable. It is used to verify the authenticity of documents or photos. It is a reliable method because it can be used to examine the data and see if the customer is planning to enter into a contract or if the photo is fake.

When creating an account or using mobile apps, users need to open access to a camera with a microphone, show their documents unfolded, and turn their heads while smiling into the camera. These actions prove to our analysts that the person in front of them is real.

Who might need such services?
For adult websites, it is essential to have proper verification procedures in place. Age verification and private access are particularly important for the smooth, legal operation of the website. Our clients include many companies from different industries. These are not only adult websites but also companies that want to increase the level of protection of customer information. Technologies we provide help secure business and increase the efficiency of transactions. KYCAID works to protect businesses and customers.
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