Non-Doc Verification
Swift Onboarding

Experience swift and user-friendly identity verification in just two easy steps with our advanced non-document service.

Our customizable solutions boost security, operational efficiency, and customer trust by eliminating the need for physical documents.

the user journey

Conduct remote customer verifications utilizing official government databases. Experience a digital adventure with electronic verification, immediate results, and heightened accuracy.

Compliance assurance

Stay compliant worldwide with secure government database checks, ensuring full compliance in every region. KYCAID's robust verification processes uphold regulatory standards, providing confidence in user verification.


  • Instantaneous Verification Results🚀

    Our advanced technology ensures instantaneous verification results, saving you precious time and reducing customer friction. No more waiting around for days or weeks to get a verification outcome.

  • Government-Sourced Personal Details👮

    Our extensive network allows us to verify personal details from government sources for various identification numbers, ensuring the authenticity and reliability of the information provided.

Establish a secure environment with KYCAID's thorough verification, incorporating optional liveness checks. KYCAID scrutinizes activities, identifies duplicates, and employs behavioral risk scoring to prevent advanced fraud attacks.

Trusted countries

Elevate trust and security
with approved KYC provider

With our advanced technology, applicants can easily verify their identification numbers by either submitting a document or entering it for verification against the government's database.

  • We ensure the accuracy of the verification process by obtaining personal details directly from government sources.
  • Our streamlined process saves time and reduces the risk of document forgery and fraud.
  • Whether you're an individual or an organization, our identity verification services provide a secure and seamless experience that meets international regulations.