Extensive Sanctions & PEP Database Screening

Discover the power of comprehensive sanctions and Politically Exposed Persons (PEP) database screening service and safeguard your business with accurate identification and assessment of potential high-risk individuals and entities.

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Impressive sanctions search solutions by KYCAID

With the help of Identity database screening, you can check the individuals’ sanction status. A sanction check is strongly needed to find out whether a person or an institution has any penalties exposed to them. Sanctions imposing can have several reasons. There are can be political, economic, diplomatic, military sanctions levied against institutions or even countries, and also there can be sanctions imposed on individuals like illegal persons and political or economic leaders.

A sanction search helps to eliminate the risks of financial crimes likebribery, money laundering, financing terrorism,etc. occurring through various financial systems. Ensuring the AML compliance of the company activities requires an exhaustive sanction search through database screening. memoji-winked

Sanction lists we check:

swiper-mark United Nations Security Council Consolidated List
swiper-mark European Securities and Markets Authority (ESMA)
swiper-mark Consolidated list of financial sanctions targets (UK)
swiper-mark Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC)
swiper-mark Local wanted lists
swiper-mark National Crime Agency - UK
swiper-mark Europol
swiper-mark FBI
swiper-mark Interpol
swiper-mark US Treasury Department
swiper-mark Global PEP list
swiper-mark The United Kingdom Ministry of Finance

Our features


Completion time

Quick and efficient screening provides results in just seconds.

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Screen individuals and entities against global databases for seamless onboarding and due diligence processes.


Sanctions Monitoring

Schedule sanctions monitoring on a daily basis with emergency notifications

Comply with AML/CTF regulations

Identify risk in real-time, automate onboarding, and achieve high customer satisfaction with our Extensive Sanctions & PEP Database Screening.

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The Sanctions Database lists people, entities, or governments subject to economic, diplomatic, military, sport sanctions and sanctions on the environment imposed by governments and international organizations. Economic sanctions, in particular, are one of the tools to fight against financial crime for AML regulators. The Sanctions Database works as a valuable resource for businesses to identify and screen potential high-risk connections.


Terrorists, Drug Traffickers, Money Launderers, Human Traffickers, Human Right Violators, Art Smugglers, Weapon Smugglers.


PEP stands for Politically Exposed Person. PEPs are individuals who hold prominent public positions or have close associations with such positions. They are considered higher risk due to their potential involvement in corruption, money laundering, or other illicit activities.


The PEP and Sanctions list data are updated every day to ensure the most current and accurate information. Such frequency of updates depends on various factors, including changes in the political scene, regulatory requirements, and the availability of new information. At KYCAID, we strive to provide timely updates to our clients.

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