Extensive Sanctions & PEP Database Screening

Elevate your compliance strategy and fortify your business against financial threats. Choose Kycaid for Extensive Sanctions & PEP Database Screening

Why Choose KYCAID's
PEP & Sanctions Screening Solutions?

Choosing KYCAID's PEP & Sanctions Screening Solutions offers a strategic advantage in compliance and risk management. With KYCAID, benefit from:

Sanctions search solutions

A sanction check is strongly needed to find out whether a person or an institution has any penalties exposed to them. Sanctions imposed can have several reasons: political, economic, diplomatic, and military sanctions levied against institutions or even countries, and also there can be sanctions imposed on individuals like illegal persons and political or economic leaders.


Comply with AML/CTF regulations with KYCAID

Identify risk in real-time, automate onboarding, and achieve high customer satisfaction with our Extensive Sanctions & PEP Database Screening.

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Conduct thorough due diligence and mitigate risk by quickly identifying potential PEPs and individuals on sanctions lists. Search your clients and partners with KYCAID's free PEP Check and Sanctions List

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What is included in KYCAID`s PEP check?

We offer a wide range of services, including global KYC solutions, intelligent document processing, AML verification, and more. Our main goal is to give businesses a simple and effective way to manage KYC processes.

Single PEP Scan

KYCAID's Single PEP Scan offers a swift and thorough Politically Exposed Person (PEP) check. Quickly identify high-risk individuals with global PEP database screening. Stay compliant, enhance due diligence, and fortify your risk management strategy seamlessly with this efficient and focused solution.

KYCAID Robust PEP Screening Software

Unlock unparalleled peace of mind with Kycaid`s PEP Screening Solutions. Our cutting-edge platform empowers businesses to identify and manage relationships with Politically Exposed Persons (PEPs) seamlessly