Enhanced Video
KYC Solution

Explore the frontier of remote verification with Video KYC. Through a seamless verification process, achieve a harmonious blend of fraud prevention, compliance, and customer satisfaction.

Unlock secure and reliable identity
verification solutions.
Forget about legal compliance issues, potential fraud attempts, and inefficient interviews. Kycaid offers hassle-free video identification capacities that save costs and boost user engagement.

Kycaid ensures a seamless identity verification journey

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Verify the applicant's identity seamlessly through our recorded video verification process

  • 1 step

    Document Verification

    Obtain and verify official business documents such as registration certificates, licenses, and permits to ensure legitimacy and compliance.

    Document Verification
  • 2 step

    Ownership Information

    Collect and authenticate information about the company's ownership structure, identifying the ultimate beneficial owners (UBOs) and key stakeholders.

    Ownership Information
  • 3 step

    Business Purpose and Activities

    Clearly understand and document the nature of the business, its intended activities, and any changes that might impact compliance.

    Business Purpose and Activities
  • 4 step

    Risk Assessment

    Conduct a thorough risk assessment, evaluating the potential for money laundering, fraud, or other illicit activities associated with the business.

    Risk Assessment

Maximize efficiency with Kycaid's seamless integration

Our versatile platform equips your operators with robust features and tools while ensuring data security. Easily adapt to your workflow with our comprehensive guides.


Use Cases

Kycaid's Video Verification services ensure

  • Efficient Process: Streamline your verification process with our user-friendly interface. Live video verification is designed to take no more than 5 minutes.
  • Expert Review: Benefit from expert managers' decisions for accurate verification outcomes.
  • Flexibility: Choose between recorded or live video options, and conduct a video verification with your compliance team, all based on your preferences and needs.
  • Reporting: Easily generate and securely store detailed reports summarizing interview processes, crucial details, and outcomes for at least 5 years with instant accessibility.
  • Security and Reliability: Trust our advanced security measures to protect your identity. All data is encrypted and safely stored.

Trust Kycaid's experts for your video identification needs. Our skilled team ensures the accurate identification of suspicious patterns and real-time compliance confirmation during video interviews.